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Al Bayan: Dubai is a pivotal centre in global food supply chains

The Emirate has a high logistical efficiency that supports re-export to the region´s markets

Marge Pihlapuu, Head of International Sales Unit – Enterprise Estonia  said that Estonia has targeted the UAE as a leading export destination since 2019 and has created a long-term food and beverage program for supporting companies with in-depth market information and visibility, and building trustful relations with local partners as all the participating companies are carefully selected.

“Estonia’s commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions across the entire food value chain is very much in line with the UAE Government’s commitment towards food security. Sustainability is engraved into the Estonia’s DNA and demonstrated by practices such as indoors farming, traceability to farms, frieze dried manufacturing technologies, AI, etc”, she added.

Pihlapuu continued: “Dubai has a strategic importance of its location in terms of global trade is unrivalled. Sitting at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, the region acts as a junction for five seas and important maritime routes.”

She declared that, Estonia is a country of wild and pure nature – more than half of it is covered with forests and wetlands, it has thousands of lakes and 23% of its farmland is organic. This makes Estonia one of the biggest organic farming countries in Europe and its products are among the cleanest on the planet. Although Estonia doesn’t have vast productions, food has always been one of the most important export articles. Estonian cheese is in high demand – neighboring countries in Northern Europe are the main importers (93%, 50M AED) of Estonian high-quality raw milk and dairy products (840k tons per year in total). The other export articles are grains, berry products, vegetable oil, smoothies and baby food, mineral water and spirits. Estonia has several natural reservoirs of certified mineral water, officially recognized with superior taste award at Brussel International Taste Institute’s quality and taste test.

“As a result of an open and welcoming business culture, the UAE is the central hub in the Middle East and Northern Africa for import, export and re-export. Estonian companies have been present at Gulfood trade fair for five years with excellent impressions and feedback – it is considered as an outstanding business event and a high-level meeting point. This year, we doubled the size of our joint stand to bring more companies, offer bigger variety of products and introduce the best the country has to offer.”, Pihlapuu concluded.

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ready to trade with estonia?

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