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Fast-paced, innovative, safe, and sustainable — Estonia is your best bet for impactful business partnerships. We help you discover and connect with leading companies in your sector.


in the number of start-ups per capita and entrepreneurial activity in Europe


Since 2016 the number of cleantech companies has grown tenfold


accelerators developing hardware and software


Producing as much renewable energy as we consume annually by 2030 and beyond


Meet Estonia’s top cleantech frontrunners

Dive deep into Estonia’s innovative products and services to build a sustainable future for your company. Partner with us – make a difference!


Energy & Power
Bisly offers smart building systems – both software and hardware - that are scalable to customer needs, easy to install, secure, cost effective and require no coding.


Energy & Power
Futugrid links devices in thousands of homes to smart software, enabling selective shutdowns during critical times to balance energy grids.


Energy & Power
Elcogen develops highly efficient Solid Oxide Cells & Stacks for fuel cell systems and electrolysers, revolutionizing clean power generation.


Energy & Power
Operating in the Baltics and Poland, this renewable energy company manages every project phase, turning green electricity into reality.

Endangered Wildlife

Resources & Environment
Award-winning ESG company that prepares Biodiversity Plans per ESRS E4, uniquely calculating financial values of biodiversity for reporting and decisions.


Resources & Environment
A premier nature-based carbon removal project developer in Africa, committed to restoring 1 million hectares of degraded land by 2030 through high-quality initiatives.


Resources & Environment
Carbon compensation platform offering verified carbon credits derived from increased material recycling, providing notable income for material producers.


Resources & Environment
Automated wastewater treatment and water recycling systems offer low maintenance, easy deployment, and remote monitoring, revolutionizing water management.


Transportation & Logistics
Clevon designs and produces autonomous robot carriers, revolutionizing last-mile delivery to be more innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient.


Transportation & Logistics
Comodule specializes in advanced connectivity solutions for electric vehicles, enhancing efficiency and performance through innovative technology and data insights.


Transportation & Logistics
GoSwift develops and implements cutting-edge digital transportation management solutions to streamline and accelerate logistics operations.

Ampler Bikes

Transportation & Logistics
Ampler Bikes builds smart, durable and light e-bikes that look like classic bicycles.


Transportation & Logistics
The first electric scooter with USB-C charging and undeniable X-Factor, ÄIKE boasts world-class design and high-tech innovation, 100% manufactured in Europe.


RealEstate & Construction
Roofit offers 2-in-1 solar roofs for homes and businesses worldwide, providing renewable electricity production without compromising aesthetics.


RealEstate & Construction
Unlock the full potential of commercial real estate and retail portfolios with Fyma’s data-driven insights. Gain deeper market understanding and make informed decisions.


Materials & Chemicals
Using advanced processes, Fibenol develops new-generation sugars, high-purity lignin, and unique microcrystalline cellulose from hardwood, enabling innovative biomaterials and bioproducts.


Materials & Chemicals
Mulieres creates eco-friendly household and personal care products using natural ingredients, offering safe and effective solutions for everyday cleaning needs.


Materials & Chemicals
Woola transforms waste wool into eco-friendly packaging, offering eCommerce and luxury retailers a sustainable way to protect products during shipping.

The Rewear Company

Home Essentials
The most convenient kidswear rental service, making it easy to lend and rent children's clothing.


Digital Solutions
Esgrid assists enterprises and financial institutions in assessing, managing, and enhancing their value chain ESG impact, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.


Digital Solutions
Specializing in Muon Flux Technology (MFT) detectors, GScan pioneers cosmic-ray based solutions for advanced 3D imaging with unmatched quality and safety.

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Estonia’s competitive economy supports multinational companies and high-growth startups alike. Estonian businesses use innovative technologies and clean raw materials, investing in sustainability and providing well-priced, world-class solutions.

The perfect combination of innovative and predictable, Estonia is a smart and safe choice for exploring a vast range of partnerships.




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who is trade estonia?

  • We are a government agency facilitating long-term business relationships between international companies and their Estonian partners.
  • We help you identify and make the most of the best business opportunities in Estonia. Our export advisors are trained to understand your needs and introduce you to Estonian companies that can deliver on them.