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Estonian Export to Asian countries increased 29 per cent in second quarter

Estonian export values to Asia continued to rise in the second quarter of 2021. Estonia’s main trade partners in the region are China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The biggest increase in Estonian exports was seen in Singapore and Vietnam, while exports to China and South Korea decreased.

The value of goods and services sold by Estonian companies to the seven Asian countries mentioned above in the second quarter of the current year totalled 205 million euros, making up 3 per cent of all Estonian exports. Compared with the second quarter of the previous year, exports to the listed Asian countries increased by 29 per cent, while Estonian export as a whole increased by 43 per cent. Export of goods to key Asian markets made up 78 per cent of the export volume and services made up 22 per cent. The export of goods increased by 33 per cent and the export of services increased by 18 per cent in the second quarter. The most popular goods by commodity group were mineral products (60.3 per cent), machinery and mechanical appliances (11.7 per cent) and wood and articles of wood (8.1 per cent).

Estonian export to Asian countries

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