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Estonian smart food is gaining international recognition

Healthy eating is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle that encourages conscious healthy choices. This way of living and eating has always been a part of Estonian cuisine but in recent years focus has shifted to producing delicious yet smart food that doesn’t cost the earth. An increasing number of companies are working with R&D centres to ensure food safety issue globally is addressed and healthy alternatives to common items are readily available.

Estonia is not the only country to encourage a healthy diet with sustainability at heart. This sort of development that values pure, clean and healthy foods has the Middle East increasingly turning its head to alternative supply chains.

Recently, a bi-annual publication and digital platform Sustainability Middle East published an article about Estonia and its smart food partnerships. Making healthier and better decisions about what we put in our bodies does not mean that the taste experience needs to be sacrificed. On the contrary – pure, fresh and clean food with a dash of healthy enzymes or good bacteria can really improve our overall health without having to forgo little luxuries like chocolate…

You can read more about it here.


Need more information?

Need more information?

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