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Webinar: Innovating the Electronics Value Chain to Compete in a New World

Webinar: Innovating the Electronics Value Chain to Compete in a New World

Over the past year, COVID-19 has thrown wrench after wrench into global supply chains, sending businesses worldwide on a hunt for new services and solutions to help navigate changing business landscapes. Estonia, with its uniquely forward-thinking and entrepreneurial business environment, is a hotbed for such trailblazing innovations.

Enterprise Estonia is hosted a free webinar on 27.11 to showcase how the local electronics industry is rising to the challenge of adjusting to new realities and constant flux.

Be ready  for a knowledge-packed webinar focused on best practices and learnings shared by companies shaping the electronics industry for a new era of uncertainty. Webinar is hosted on Worksup platform by Florian Marcus, Presenter-Analyst at e-Estonia Briefing Centre.

Through the combined knowledge and wealth of experience of the featured speakers, this event will offer a sweeping look at the full electronics value chain:

  • Design & Development: Krakul
  • Manufacturing: Incap Electronics Estonia, TepComp
  • Testing: Testonica
  • Industry Big Picture: Estonian Electronics Industries Association

It is also possible to connect with additional Estonian electronics companies at our EXPO area on Worksup platform – more information about the companies can be downloaded HERE!

The webinar is in english with german subtitles!

Watch the full webinar here:

On the Worksup platform you can see the event agenda and read more about the presentation by pushing the button Details.  It is also possible to ask the presenters questions by going to agenda and pushing the Q&A button under the presentation title. Task button allows you to answer the organizers’ questions. If there are any questions to be answered then this button will be visible under the presentation title.  By pushing the Profile button on the right corner of the page, it is possible to create your own profile. By defining your interests the platform will recommend you to other people with similar interests. You can chat and set up meetings with them.


Featured companies and presentations


Making the Internet of Things work for you: A human-centric approach to IoT

As the world changes, so do our expectations of what technology can be—and businesses must change too. Autonomous systems and the Internet of Things offer unique business models and services while creating new challenges, and a good IoT partner can make or break a new venture. Krakul is Estonia’s leading IoT and autonomous systems development company with a human-focused approach ready to take ideas and develop them into ground-breaking products.

Tune in for Krakul’s unique case study on a human-centric approach to product development—the story of creating the world’s first IoT bottle opener.

Incap Electronics Estonia

Agile, flexible, and efficient electronics manufacturing services

Incap Electronics Estonia is an international contract manufacturer that offers versatile, technologically advanced, and cost-efficient production capacity close to European markets. With a growing demand for electronics contract manufacturing, especially the demand for electronics applications, Incap is well positioned to serve its global customer base.

Find out how Incap becomes more than just another subcontractor and creates value through flexible, decentralised operations that fit the needs of constantly changing markets.


Imagine a world without the agony of organising the production and logistics of your electronic devices

TepComp is a leading industrial contract manufacturer specialised in electronics. With a wealth of knowledge of the distinctive features and needs of different industries, TepComp supplies customers all over the world from their factories in Estonia and Finland. With a focus on LED electronics, healthcare technology, and industrial electronics, TepComp are masters of flexible operations ready to share their expertise.


Embedded Instrumentation for Test and Measurement

The first company to bring to market Embedded Virtual Instrumentation technology, Testonica takes on the responsibility of creating high-quality test solutions that would otherwise be a customer’s nightmare. Testonica helps customers screen defects fast and early with over a hundred solutions delivered worldwide over the past 15 years.

With its patented embedded instrumentation technology, large in-house Test & Measurement IP library and fully automated test synthesis cloud, Testonica has helped businesses in over 20 countries take care of everyday testing needs and challenging quality issues.

Join us to discover how Testonica’s years-long obsession with constant innovation has positioned them as the consummate problem-solver for a rapidly changing world.

Estonian Electronics Industries Association

The Estonian Electronics Industries Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation that promotes cooperation between industry players and the public sector to boost the industry’s competitiveness.

Member companies cover the entire electronics value chain—from product development, component supplies, manufacturing, logistics and aftersales, to education and recruitment.

In their presentation, the association will give you a big-picture view of how Estonia’s world-class electronics industry is embracing modern practices and why this small and agile country is uniquely positioned to be the perfect test site for new products and processes.


You can find additional information about Electronics sector in Estonia here!


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