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Estonia’s Biotech Innovation – from Cancer Risk Tests to Viral Transport Solutions

As the world’s most advanced digital nation, Estonia leads the way in biotech, presenting Europe’s first CE-marked cancer polygenic risk score tests and other innovative solutions at the virtual BIO Digital fair, taking place on June 10-18. 

As one of the world’s most advanced digital nations, where 99% of services can be accessed online, Estonia has everything that is needed to foster innovation – a uniquely entrepreneurial environment, a solid scientific and research foundation, and a deeply interconnected scientific community, all come together to provide the perfect backdrop for cultivating breakthroughs.

“In biotech, the smallest things tend to make the biggest difference. Similarly, Estonia, which is itself a small nordic nation of only 1.3 million residents, has produced 7.7 researchers per thousand people. Mix that high rate of technical and scientific competency with a robust business environment built on the principles of transparency and ease, while enjoying one of the best tax environments in Europe, and you have a recipe for success,” notes James York, Director of US Business & Innovation for Enterprise Estonia. “We welcome you to come and meet our leading-edge biotech companies at this year’s BIO Digital and to get familiar with the range of competencies and in-depth knowledge they can offer, fueled by their consistent drive to improve the world through science.”

Committed to innovation, with a strategic geographic location between Europe and Asia, this small nordic country is also a wonderful place to live and work. “Estonia’s scientific community is diverse – the number of international researchers has doubled in the past decade, which only adds to the already excellent conditions that the country offers to spur and foster new innovations,“ adds Mr. York.

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Innovative solutions from Europe’s first CE-marked cancer polygenic risk score tests, to viral transport solution technologies that enable direct real-time PCR without the need for any nucleic acid extraction or purification methods, and more, will all be presented at the virtual BIO Digital fair, taking place on June 10-18:

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