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Webinar: Outmaneuvering Uncertainty and Managing Risks with SmartEST Digitalisation

Outmaneuvering Uncertainty and Managing Risks with SmartEST Digitalisation

The global pandemic has left many industries crippled as spikes in demand stress-tested existing infrastructures and current systems, many of which proved to be heavily outdated. Therefore, reopening of the businesses also requires a thorough reinvention – to keep themselves resilient to future shocks and uncertainty digitalization is no longer optional but mandatory.

Thus, the current moment presents a highly valuable opportunity for the companies – to learn from the best in the field to outmaneuver uncertainty and manage future risk with smartEST digitalization.

Enterprise Estonia is hosting a free case-study based webinar on digitalization to help companies to run more agile operations, automations and create stronger processes in data storage and cyber security. This free webinar is an opportunity to create enterprise-wide ability to absorb uncertainty and incorporate lessons from digitalization case-studies into operating models.

Join us on 18th of June at 11 am (GMT+3) at our webinar focused on smartEST digitalisation practices shared by Estonian companies with an extensive international experience in software quality and building seamless solutions.

  • Digitalizing Logistics: GoSwift, Auvetech, AItoldyou & Helmes
  • Supply Chain Management: Nortal, Proekspert & Flowit
  • Cyber Security and Data Storage: CybExer, MobiLab & Guardtime

You can find more information about the Companies and Topics below!

The webinar will be hosted on Worksup platform by Florian Marcus, Presenter-Analyst at e-Estonia Briefing Centre. Starting with sharing sessions and following with Q&A after each session. The webinars are in English. Being one of the most tech-savvy countries, Estonia is a perfect breeding ground for launching cutting edge technological solutions. Estonia offers highly skilled professionals providing flexible and fast solutions following Nordic business ethics. Here the time-to-quality ratio is right, we use innovative technologies, clean raw materials and invest in sustainability.

Recording of the webinar can be viewed:

More information about the companies and presentations:


Decreasing Turnaround Time: Scheduling Arrivals of Trucks to Terminal Gates 

Truck drivers can experience long waiting times when they arrive at the gates at peak hours creating congestion and wasting time, which all carries a hefty price tag. Thus, digitalization in logistics infrastructure is no longer optional but mandatory. GoSwift is experienced in creating digital tools to assist drivers and transportation companies to plan their trips according to the capacity of the terminal and using right corridors in approaching the terminal, providing monitoring which trucks have arrived, which are late and reorder their loadings according to the cargo or loading area availability.

GoSwift is experienced in designing, deploying and operating Queue Management Services. GoSwift handles electronically/virtually queues of vehicles and people at traffic bottlenecks – border checkpoints, ports and tourist attractions.


Future of Transit: Driverless Transportation

The global pandemic has put a strain on supply chains as spikes in demand stress-test logistics infrastructure. It’s clear that with increasing container flow, the service terminals all need to become partially or fully automated providing more ecoefficient, safer, smarter and sustainable worldwide transportation. Auve Tech is  specialised in the development and manufacturing of low speed autonomous shuttles that can be teleoperated and customised to fulfil a wide range of applications.

Flowit Aitoldyou

Digitalizing Logistics:  From Pen and Paper to AI 

During the past few months, countless supply chains have been crippled around the world due to their outdated systems.

Thus, we have come to understand that supply chain excellence should be an essential part of companies’ overall business strategy. However, many companies have tried to excel but yet fail to change. Mostly because there are lots of IT-companies without the experience of digitalising a logistics company and several logistics companies without an in depth IT-knowledge, -background and strong expertise. Flowit has vast experience in building solutions to have detailed predictions for future shipments, providing you with customer behavior analytics, sales automation and churn management with automated warnings.


Paperless and contact-free road transport for both, today and tomorrow

Creation, compilation and signing of the whole document package for a road shipment can be time consuming and is always prone to human errors and data glitches. Time and resource waste of carrying and exchanging paper-printed shipment information will in the post-pandemic economy be accompanied by concerns over the safety of drivers, cargo handlers and on-road service providers.

Together with Estonian and Finnish road hauling associations Helmes has created a secure cloud-based platform MobiCarnet for combining digitally all your road shipment data – on goods, vehicles, drivers – and sharing it real-time with any stakeholder in your logistics chain: consignor, consignees, carriers, but why not also with customs, police, BAG or rescue services. Digital roads are here to stay and make us all safer and more effective.


World Leading Solutions for Biofuel Production

The global energy sector is going through major transformations in bridging the gap between supply and demand with clean energy sources and modernizing energy production to increase efficiency and lower the cost of production. Intelligent, integrated software that eliminates manual entry, streamlines operations and harnesses the power of IoT, enables to redesign complex supply-chain and terminal management processes up to the point of delivery. Nortal shares its best practice in reforming how energy is sourced, produced, delivered and consumed through technology-driven innovation.


Reducing Downtimes: Sensor based Data Collection and Analysis

Downtime carries a hefty price tag. Especially now, when companies will be experiencing volume loss and reductions in production due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Thus, turning standard and non-connected complex machinery into a connected smart equipment becomes increasingly important. Keeping your business on the cutting edge requires gathering production data online or from the operating equipment to carry out predictive maintenance, fault detections and alarm and building operational patterns to enhance the product. Being a one-stop shop for digital business, Proekspert shares its best practices in building world-changing solutions by combining data science, product development expertise and design thinking.


Practical examples of how to accelarate the supply chain

Supply chains have been upended in the past couple of months as the spread of pandemic has shown us how vulnerable international supply chains are to disruption. Operations dependent on physical assets, such as paper, can be witnessing severe disturbance when our physical presence is not a possibility. Thus, in 2020 supply chain digitization is no longer optional, but mandatory to keep it resilient to future shocks and uncertainty.


Boosting the Human Element in Cyber Security at Times of Crisis

As people are searching for innovative ideas to tackle problems created by the COVID-19, we all growingly rely on cyberspace in our interactions. CybExer Technologies in Estonia has been developing and offering cyber awareness and cyber hygiene training with a unique platform for governments and enterprises. This combines e-learning courses for employees with comprehensive risk assessment for the whole organization.

Mobi Lab

How to Build the BI Dashboard that Guides you Through the Difficult Times?

When driving a car, we check the speed, odometer and make sure we are using the proper gear in the right circumstances. However, when managing our small business, we often do not have full real-time visibility of how our business model is doing because we are lacking a standard dashboard.

Past couple of months have shown us that we need to make fast decision based on the best data available to future-proof our business. Mobi Lab will share their expertise of designing and building BI dashboards for small businesses.


MIDA: Solving your Trust and Security issues with Cloud Systems”

Complicated products are not built in a single factory by a single company. Many companies need to share their data between tens or even hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers and subcontractors. There are options to share the necessary information over the Cloud but we are left with the question about its security.

Guardtime’s MIDA presents a new approach to security and can unlock the benefits and efficiency of Cloud-based infrastructure and services for even the most risk-averse companies and public sector organizations. MIDA is a SaaS tool that monitors, visualizes and verifies the state of any process and data in your Cloud system, all in real-time and independently from the service provider.

With Guardtime’s MIDA, every digital asset on the network (virtual machine, firewall rules, event data, configuration files etc.) is assigned an immutable digital twin. This can be done at scale thanks to the KSI Blockchain – an EU eIDAS-certified universal trust anchor that provides mathematical proof of correctness. Any change in the environment out of policy generates a high-quality alert that can be remediated in real-time, decreasing the time to detection for any breach, attack or human error in critical systems.

Companies can use MIDA to start trusting private and even public Cloud – and aggressively use the Cloud for big data, AI and better digital environment.



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