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Get to know SmartEST Technologies at Smart City Live 2020

Implementing the SmartEST Technologies on the Road to Green Recovery

In the wake of a global pandemic, adjusting and adapting technology should be one of the first responses to crisis. Leading Estonian companies share how their know-how can soften the blow of Covid-19.

The global pandemic has affected life in the cities across the world on many different levels. Ten companies from Estonia look at the ways Smart Cities can adjust and adapt to the new Covid-19 reality to ensure sustainable recovery in the future using the smartEST solutions. These include collecting data for safer city planning, building smart public transport networks, ensuring global connectivity via eSIM technology, implementing e-paper devices in public spaces, and building a carbon neutral autonomous environment for the Smart Cities of the future. We have the technology – how quickly can we put it to work against the many problems posed by the spread of Covid-19?

Smart City Live 2020 full webinar video and all presentations can be seen HERE

Meet the companies participating:


Bikeep is a proven solution for a majority of micro-mobility parking-related problems – through our smart infrastructure, we enable more cycling and scooter usage, solving theft and vandalism problems, and also offer charging options for micro-mobility devices. We offer rental and parking stations for e-scooters, personal bikes, and also smart bike lockers.


1oT is a carrier independent connectivity provider (2/3/4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M) for IoT service providers. We are handling the complexity of working with multiple carriers in many regions, providing one invoice, one connectivity management platform and one (e)SIM card with numerous pre-negotiated mobile carrier deals in over 190 countries. 1oT is serving over 300,000 IoT/M2M devices worldwide with its connectivity. Clients vary from connected light vehicles and tracking devices to smart city solution providers.

Artec Design

Artec Design provides interactive ePaper signage solutions that have a clean yet elegant design. Created for sustainable and reliable operation 24/7, ePaper signage can be powered for a year with the amount of energy required to power LCDs for a month. With growing ePaper applications, the Estonian National Museum already adopted 850+ displays.

Bercman Technologies

Bercman Technologies is developing and manufacturing innovative Smart City products to save lives, eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and accelerate the process towards self-driving vehicles. Our Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk uses AI to predict and prevent accidents on crosswalks. We work internationally with municipalities, companies and entities in the fields of traffic infrastructure planning, road construction, traffic science etc.


EyeVi offers an on-demand mapping technology – a full mobile mapping solution for capturing high accuracy geodata cost-effectively and fast using AI. They enable self-driving cars, digital asset management, traffic assessment, digital twins, and unlimited possibilities.  EyeVi Technologies is used by Traficom, GIAP, and Phixel, to name a few.


SKYCORP produces bespoke next generation hydrogen long endurance Smart Drones. Operating in sectors ranging from Smart Cities & Smart Ports to Search & Rescue and security with the goal to integrate and deploy hydrogen technologies enabling drones in Industry 4.0, advancing Intelligent Productivity and fully autonomous solutions.

Astro Baltics

Astro Baltics is an IT company with over 22 years of experience. Our aim is to offer IT solutions to help you build a smart and easily administrative company. We are the leading developer of fuelling station software in Estonia with solutions for payments, forecourt device controllers and hardware.


Positium provides analytics and official statistics from Mobile Positioning Data: for transportation and public transport planning, urban planning. The data is from mobile network operators. We help cities, regions and central governments to take this dataset into official use – creating methodology, training officials, developing solutions.

Finest Twins Smart City Center of Excellence

The FinEst Twins builds a smart-city Center of Excellence based in Estonia in a close partnership with the Tallinn University of Technology, Aalto University, Forum Virium Helsinki and Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications while being funded by the European Commission (H2020 teaming) and Estonian Government (Ministry of Education and Research). We focus on mobility, energy and built environment glued together by governance and urban analytics & data and aims to become a leading smart city research center globally.


Airobot OÜ  is a technology and production company founded in 2013, who develops and produces intelligent heat recovery ventilation units and heating control solutions.


All additional information regarding the agenda of Smart City Live 2020 can be found at their official webisite!


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