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Biofach 2021 : Estonia Serves up Pure Ingredients and Stunning Flavours From the Wild North

Fresh air. Clean water. Pure food.

In Estonia, organic food is just called “food”. With an insatiable appetite for innovation, Estonian producers of fresh, organic food and beverages are cropping up like mushrooms after a good rain shower. The clean air, pure soil, and lush expanses of untouched nature have created the ideal conditions for it.

Proud to step up to the virtual stage at BIOFACH eSPECIAL 2021 , these Estonian companies know how to make magic from the cleanest ingredients the North has to offer.


Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation

The Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation produces the highest-quality organic hemp seed in Europe. Founded with the vision to create a safe environment for hemp farmers to share their knowledge and experience, the cooperation pulled together to create an environmentally responsible and efficient hemp hulling factory that’s one of the largest in Europe. With a wide product range that puts the whole plant to good use, this is your go-to for responsibly sourced hemp products.



Sander Kuusk
Head of Marketing
Tel. +372 5363 8527
[email protected]




La Muu

La Muu is a trailblazer on the Estonian organic food scene. Their ridiculously good organic ice cream and memorable branding have become iconic in the company’s home country and set the bar staggeringly high. With all their main ingredients sourced from Estonia’s own farmers, La Muu delights ice cream lovers with a range of unmissable flavours, including a growing number of vegan options.



Birgit Tell
Sales and Marketing Manager
+372 5380 2435
[email protected]



LOOV Organic

Did you know that in the Nordic, there are only three months of full sunshine? In such extreme conditions, wild plants soak up all the power and make the berries wholesome. Imagine walking in the pristine wilderness, eating hand-picked berries: Your taste buds bloom explosively, and you feel the primordial force with every cell of your body! This is the feeling LOOV wants to bring you all year round. The exceptionally high nutritional value and intense flavour of Nordic berries make them superfoods that grow in untouched wild forests and bogs in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden. LOOV stores Nordic energy and purity in its products – enjoy our most delicate freeze-dried berry powders, cold-pressed berry juices, or raw forest honey – it’s all organic and 100% clean! We honour nature and will never add anything else to our goods.



Liis Kalvik
Head of Export / B2B
Ph. +372 607 7541
[email protected]




To guarantee the freshest chocolates on the market, Magusameistrid makes all their products to order and by hand, following original recipes developed with scientists. Only the purest organic ingredients will do for these chocolate enthusiasts: The cocoa beans come from Peruvian family farms, and the berries to complement it are harvested from Estonian farms and forests. Wild raspberries, wild strawberries, juniper berries, blueberries, and other local flavours combine beautifully to create memorable experiences for eco-conscious chocolate lovers.



Kristel Uibo
[email protected]



Nudist Drinks

Nudist is a fast-growing independent market leader of sparkling fruit wines in Finland and Estonia. Nudist’s dry and organic sparkling wines have a lower ABV (8% vol) and, instead of grapes, are solely made of Nordic fruits such as rhubarb, gooseberry, and raspberry. Nudist’s wines are not aromatised and do not use concentrates or any added aromas, flavours, or colours. Nudist offers playful branding and professional consumer marketing support for forward-thinking wine or craft beer distributors in Northern and Central European markets.


Kaspar Kaasik
Sales Director
+372 58857508
[email protected]



Tori Cidery

Handcrafted organic drinks from the Estonian wilderness. Nestled among the stunning wetlands and clear rivers of one Estonia’s biggest national parks, Tori Cidery is located in the middle of wild and unspoiled nature. Their products are born right there, made from pure local ingredients.



Karmo Haas
mob: +372 56691744
[email protected]




Värska Vesi

Värska has been bottling mineral water in Estonia for decades, so they know that the best flavours are made by the Earth herself. Their range of organic soft drinks is proof of this. Made with nordic berries, the drinks are 100% organic and perfectly representative of the wholesome flavours that are produced when nature takes the wheel.



Oliver Jõgeva
Export sales manager
[email protected]






Öun Drinks

The world has had enough of overly sugary soft drinks that do nothing to excite the taste buds. Öun is an innovator in the world of organic non-alcoholic craft drinks. Made with 100% organic Estonian apples, Öun’s crisp sparkling drinks offer a variety of exciting flavours—think rhubarb/spruce and apple/juniper—that are a breath of fresh air for a new generation of health-conscious consumers.



Piret Ahun
[email protected]








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Need more information?

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