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Webinar: Combining Expertise With Adaptability to Face an Uncertain Maritime Future

Combining Expertise With Adaptability to Face an Uncertain Maritime Future

With the Covid-19 pandemic throwing the whole planet for a loop, the marine industry is also having to adjust its sails and adapt to a constantly changing world.

In Estonia, where maritime culture is as highly regarded as innovation and technological excellence, businesses are rising to the challenge.

Meet the Estonian companies making waves in the maritime world by combining their established expertise with maximum flexibility to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the market. From top-shelf materials and stunning interiors to instrument deployment units and expansion joints, these companies cover a broad spectrum of superior quality products for the future of the marine industry.

When life isn’t smooth sailing, learn how these top players will bring their experience and adaptability to the table, providing the reliability and stability you need.

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Conectra offers high-quality coated fabrics for the marine industry. Backed by a seasoned design and engineering team and unbeatable customer service, Conectra thrives on the challenge of meeting each client’s unique specifications with innovative product design and the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry.

With a wealth of industry knowledge and know-how accumulated over 25 years, Conectra’s motivated and dedicated team will not stop until every client has exactly what they came to find—no matter how challenging the task. On a backdrop of constant flux and global change, Conectra takes pride in steadfastly remaining a reliable partner for longtime clients and collaborators alike.

DECK Marine Systems

DECK Marine Systems, offering winches, launch and recovery systems and instrument deployment units for handling of underwater equipment, owes its existence to a satisfied client. When a client requested a customized instrument deployment unit for use offshore, the team set out to deliver the most cost-effective, flexible unit on the market.

After that first model, DECK knew they had a product that more agents and maritime administrators would benefit from, and they never looked back. Their IDUs are designed to safely and precisely deploy sensitive acoustic instruments and equipment into the ocean, and each unit is engineered to the highest industry standards and tested by the best and brightest structural engineers.

With a strong devotion to flexibility in pricing and shipping times without sacrificing their trademark quality, DECK offers the most discerning customers the best of all worlds in times of uncertainty.

Gettone Group

Gettone provides the highest quality and value of interiors for both land and sea. Shipyard, offshore vessel, cruise, passenger-vessel, hotel, casino, factory and power plant owners around the world turn to Gettone for every aspect of interior outfitting projects, from structural planning and designing to decorating services.

Gettone has leveraged its built-in readiness for flexibility to provide reliable service in the face of current global challenges. Going above and beyond to support customers whose previous providers have not been able to deliver, Gettone has set itself apart as an eminently trustworthy and adaptable partner that has stood the test of time and can weather any storm.

Marmi Futerno

Marmi Futerno produces high-quality products of marble, granite and engineered stone. With extensive experience working with a variety of different materials, they also supply project-based stone materials and other products from their partners to meet the highest standards and requirements.

In addition to high-tech production, Marmi Futerno has a unique knack for creating out-of-the box solutions by hand for the most challenging projects.


DeRossi is a ship interior outfitting company that provides project design, production and installation of ship interior products and solutions for ship owners and shipyards. With their own efficient furniture production line, DeRossi dynamically meets client requirements in style, at the highest quality, and on schedule.

With upwards of 15 years of experience in the industry, DeRossi doesn’t shy away from the highest quality requirements or the most critical deadlines. Their innovative digital project management solutions provide high efficiency and full control over the project, allowing for a smooth, transparent process with reliably excellent tailor-made results.


Pentamet is your one-stop expansion joints solutions provider. A family-owned company founded in 1989, Pentamet designs and manufactures expansion joints, reliably meeting the industry’s high demand for excellence in design and manufacturing.

Their commitment to their values has not wavered over the years, positioning Pentamet as a dependable provider always striving to offer a fair deal without making any compromises on product quality.


Velvet’s team of around 40 designers, producers, developers and researchers is dedicated to building the best, most useful design agency in the world.
 Providing interior architects and engineers for the marine industry, Velvet handles the whole process, from concept to production-ready technical 
drawings and software development.

Velvet’s empathy-first approach to design is what singles them out as the perfect partner to help bring clarity and stability to your design projects in uncertain times.




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