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Robots covering the night shift at Estonian sheet metal plant

HyTech Comp, located just off the Tallinn ring road in Estonia, is a thin sheet metal components producer for the electronics industry, fully focused on export and using robots in the manufacturing process. The company operated under the name Hyrles until recently, when the brand was revamped to better describe the company’s focus on international markets. HyTech Comp’s CEO Urmo Sisask says that they are 100 per cent committed to international subcontracting – their entire production is shipped to the rest of the world. “Around 60 per cent of our production goes directly to our foreign clients and the remaining 40 per cent is exported by our clients based in Estonia, such as ABB and Enics. The key question about subcontracting is how to position yourself in the global value chain and we’re proud to say that HyTech Comp ranks pretty high up there,” believes Sisask.

The sheet metal manufacturer’s core strength lies in using modern technology and a high level of automation and digitalisation in the production process. Like many other Estonian companies, HyTech Comp is convinced that the main value proposition of local businesses stems from their flexibility, driven by the limited size of the domestic market. “Internationalisation is a key motivation for us, because our home market simply isn’t big enough for us, therefore we have to aim for export markets in order to survive. Finland has essentially become our home market – while there are many SMEs in the sheet metal business there, they lack the ambition to export. This is where our focus on export markets becomes a clear advantage, not to mention the flexibility to quickly react to customer demands at competitive pricing levels.”

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