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Palmako’s compact garden houses have conquered Europe

Like many other Estonian timber companies, Palmako can trace its origins to the dawn of capitalism in the 1990s, when a group of forestry specialists saw the opportunity to go into business for themselves. Building a solid foundation with storing and exporting timber, the company’s founders soon had an epiphany on a trip to Finland, where they saw rows of wooden log houses and summer cottages. They were convinced that this would be the next big thing in Estonia as well.
The reasoning was logical enough – Estonians were accumulating more and more wealth and after securing a first home and a semi-decent private car, people would start paying more attention to their leisure time and looking for second homes in the countryside. This process however took longer than expected and in the early 2000s Palmako changed its course to building compact garden houses from wooden materials. Much to the chagrin of skeptics who had little faith in the venture, Palmako has grown into a market leader in its own niche across Europe.

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