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Creators of impossible solutions in CNC-milling

The production complex of Estonian metal machining company Radius Machining isn’t just a simple turning and milling site, but a modern wonderland full of top-tier technology, where not a single move is made without computers or programming.

Radius Machining are a key player in the field of CNC, where computer numerical control machines process pieces of material to meet specifications by following a coded programmed instruction and without a manual operator.

Radius Machining consider the willingness to take on special projects and assignments as their core strength and unique selling point. “We’re really not that comfortable with telling our customers “no” or that this particular task is impossible, because it’s always possible to achieve the desired result somehow,” explains the company’s founder Veljo Konnimois. “In very simple terms, our advantage is the preparedness to invest in technological solutions when more clients are faced with a similar challenge. Otherwise, they’d have to acquire the special equipment themselves, but if we can find 3-4 clients with similar demands, then it’s feasible for ourselves to carry the burden of the investment.”

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