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trade with estonia

Your source of smart products and services.

Innovative technologies, skilled professionals and Nordic business ethics make Estonia a smart choice. We help you to connect with the leading Estonian companies.

  • 27,8 bln euros in export in 2023
  • 7 key sectors
  • #1 most entrepreneurial country in Europe

Why trade with Estonia?

Estonia offers highly skilled professionals providing flexible and fast solutions at reasonable prices. We follow Nordic business ethics.

Estonia is a smart choice. Here the time-to-quality ratio is right, we use innovative technologies, clean raw materials and invest in sustainability.

Key sectors

Estonia’s competitive economy supports multinational companies to high growth startups. We are a Northern European hub for industrial, global business services and supply chain sectors and a world leader in IT.

All opportunities




  • Trade Development Agency is a part of Enterprise Estonia, a government agency promoting foreign investments in Estonia and assisting international companies in finding business opportunities in Estonia.
  • We are responsible for building long-term business relationships between international companies and top-level Estonian partners.
  • Our export advisors understand your needs and can introduce you to Estonian companies that can deliver on them.
  • As part of Trade Development Agency is Estonia-Asia Trade Agency what provides support to Estonian companies with export to Asian target markets as well as to support economic cooperation between Estonia and Asian countries.

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Need more information?

Need more information?

What is it like to trade with Estonia? How to benefit from the e-solutions and the efficiency of our business culture? What are the opportunities in specific sectors?

The Estonian Trade Development Agency’s team is happy to help you via the complimentary e-consulting service.

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