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Estonia welcomes Sweden in NATO with a high-level DefenceTech visit

Sweden became NATO´s 32nd member.Estonia’s Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur will lead a high-level visit to Stockholm to showcase recent DefenseTech innovation. Over a dozen companies and organizations will participate from March 11-13. Photo: Pixabay

As Sweden officially becomes NATO’s 32nd member, Estonia warmly welcomes it with a high-level visit, showcasing its DefenceTech innovations and strengthening ties within the alliance.

Sweden received final confirmation for NATO admission on February 26 after Hungary’s Parliament approved it. Sweden will now be NATO’s 32nd ally.

Estonia, which joined in 2004, is welcoming Sweden’s NATO membership and views it as a positive reinforcement of security in the Nordic region. The growing alliance signifies a strengthening of defence capabilities and mutual support among member countries.

Back in 2022, Estonia became the first NATO member state to ratify Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO via parliament. This commitment to security and prosperity is unwavering. “I am truly happy that the NATO accession of our good friend and neighbour Sweden has been finally completed,” said Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna in an official press-release.

Welcoming with innovations

Now the country leads the way one more time. Estonia will be the first NATO member to send a high-ranking delegation to Sweden and meet it as a future member, highlighting close ties with Nordic neighbours.

The high-level visit, which will take place on March 11-13 and is led by Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur, will showcase Estonian recent DefenceTech innovation with over a dozen companies and organizations participating. This includes TalTech University, Estonian Defence and Security Industry Innovation Cluster, Cybernetica, DefSecIntel, Falconers, HEVI Optronics, Krakul, Marduk, Milrem, Rantelon, SensusQ, Solita, Threod Systems, Toci, Wayren, Vegvisir. From building next-gen autonomous hardware to preventing cyberthreats, these companies stand at the cutting edge of modern military capabilities.

Its 2-day program, covering Kalrskona and Stockholm, is set to feature a business seminar with prominent speakers from both countries and B2B meetings. The partners for the visit are Försvarsmarknadsdag Estland – SOFFMarine Technology CenterBlekinge Institute of TechnologySAAB AB.


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Need more information?

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