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Estonian edtech company StarCloud targets Kenyan market

StarCloud, a tech education company based in Estonia, has partnered with education stakeholders in Kenya to modernise learning delivery in the country.

The company stated that the partnership aims to offer more digitized learning to Kenyan students in early childhood, primary, and secondary levels in line with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

According to the founder of StarCloud’s local subsidiary, Opiq, Antti Rammo, the program will be pivotal in tackling the various challenges that students at these levels go through while pursuing education.

„With the assistance of the Estonian honorary consul, Ms Kadri Humal-Ayal, we understood Kenya’s education market challenges and realised that there is significant potential for our product and expertise here,’’ he said.

Opiq is a cloud-based learning environment that contains fully digital textbooks from Estonian leading educational publishers, avails it in logical, curriculum led manner for teachers and pupils and makes learning engaging and interactive. Opiq can be used at home or in school.

The company has enrolled 50 schools on its platform, which is available nationwide, with individual students also subscribing.

Kenyans are open to new solutions and collaboration, noted Rammo. “On the other hand, implementing changes, at least in the education sector, is a long-term process and requires extraordinary consistency. Kenya is large and diverse, and people’s economic and social backgrounds are diverse, which is both a challenge and an opportunity from the business point of view,“ said Rammo in April to Enterprise Estonia while talking about operating in the Kenyan market.

Estonia’s Deputy Minister for Economic and Development Co-operation, Mariin Ratnik, recently announced that the country has sponsored 20 Kenyan students to undertake information technology and communication training in Estonian universities and companies. „They will be able to localise popular Estonia game apps to suit local tastes and cultures,’’ she stated.

The company attributed the partnerships to Enterprise Estonia, which set up its offices in Nairobi last year and has been playing a pivotal role in linking Estonian businesses with Kenyan entrepreneurs in various sectors, such as education.

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