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Estonian enterprises set their sights on Asian markets

Estonia, the EU’s second-largest organic food powerhouse, exhibits at Foodex Japan 2024, introducing the latest environmentally friendly products. 

9 Estonian companies are participating in this year’s Foodex Japan 2024 fair in Tokyo, led by Enterprise Estonia. For the third time, the Estonian Pavilion will showcase innovative, environmentally friendly products.  

At Foodex Japan 2024, nine of Estonian´s top food brands and notable manufacturers will exhibit, including Saku Õlletehas, A. Le Coq, Balsnack International Holding, EBM Grupp, Tohi Distillery, Vegetein, Artisan Honey, Dago Seaberry and City Cider.

As eating habits worldwide are evolving rapidly, food producers must constantly innovate to keep up with global trends towards healthier, more sustainable foods. Estonia, in particular, has been quick to respond to these changes by taking an advanced approach.

Estonians have long practiced a farm-to-table philosophy and believe in using carefully selected ingredients to deliver quality food. Estonia is also characterized by its modern technology that minimizes environmental impact by automating production and logistics as efficiently as possible.

The country´s food processing industry has very high hygiene standards, ensuring that food stays fresh for a long time without preservatives. As Estonian consumers are very health conscious and are particularly sensitive to high nutritional value and a balanced diet, food processing factories avoid excessive use of artificial additives, salt, and sweeteners and maximize the content of the main ingredients.

Estonia introduces products from organic farming

Estonia exports to over 100 markets around the world. At Foodex Japan, Estonian companies will show many innovative foods and highly nutritious organic products such as honey, vegetable oils, Nordic sparkling fruit wines, alcohol-free drinks without excess sugar and chemistry, and juices, smoothies, ciders, and gins.

Dago Seaberry, a family-run business, has 900 hectares of farmland, the largest in Estonia and Europe, where the company produces organic, nutritious, large, and high-quality berries. Using an innovative late-harvest method, they have products made from natural berries with high oil content, mild taste, low acidity, and a pleasant mouthfeel.

Saku Brewery, for example, will exhibit beer, alcoholic beverages, ciders, and energy drinks. The company, part of the Carlsberg Group, is an export partner in 20 markets worldwide. A. Le Coq is also a beverage manufacturer from Estonia. They will showcase various products, including beer, juices, smoothies, and ciders. As a company, A. Le Coq is committed to sustainability and has implemented the use of solar panels to generate energy from renewable sources. This has prevented 75 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere yearly, making their electricity 100% green and sustainable.

Balsnack, A family-run company founded in 1992, is Estonia’s largest potato chip manufacturer. They manufacture various types of snacks – the main export items are Grand Potato Chips and TEXAS Popcorn. The company operates in over 50 markets, the largest being Asia, Scandinavia, the UK, and the Middle East. They work with major retailers and distributors, including 7-Eleven, Costco, Carrefour, and Auchan.

A gateway to Japan and the Asian markets

Foodex Japan, the leading food and beverage trade show in Japan and Asia, plays a pivotal role in cultivating business expansion opportunities for international and domestic companies. Last year, Foodex Japan hosted more than 2500 exhibitors from over 60 countries. This year, Foodex Japan 2024 will host over 2300 international brands representing 70 countries, emphasizing food diversity and sustainability.

From March 5 to 8, 2024, Tokyo Big Sight will host the fair, offering a gateway to Japan and the Asian markets. This event is a melting pot of innovation for businesses seeking new markets, target groups, and trends. Companies showcase their products, forge new partnerships, and announce groundbreaking deals there.


Foodex Japan 2024

  • Dates: 5.-8.03.2024
  • Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
  • FOODEX is Asia’s largest and most prominent professional trade show for the food & beverage Industry. It provides an excellent platform to explore new markets, target groups, upcoming trends, and networking opportunities for business deals.
  • This year marks the 49th edition of the Foodex Japan fair.
  • 9 Estonian companies are participating in this year’s Foodex fair in Tokyo, led by Enterprise Estonia. Participating Estonian companies are Saku Õlletehas, A. Le Coq, Balsnack International Holding, EBM Grupp, Tohi Distillery, Vegetein, Artisan Honey, Dago Seaberry, and City Cider.
  • Estonian exhibition booth number: E1-L06
  • On March 7th at 11:00, the seminar “Taste Estonia – The Melting Pot of Traditional Nordic Cuisine” will introduce Estonian cuisine and food culture. Nearly one-fifth of Estonia’s farmland is organic, making it the second most popular European country for organic agriculture.


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ready to trade with estonia?

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