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Navigating new horizons with joint-ventures: GScan’s quest in the GCC market

In the dynamic Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) landscape, where progress is palpable, and innovation reigns supreme, one company stands poised at the forefront of change—GScan. With a keen eye on revolutionizing infrastructure assessment and border security, GScan embarks on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the GCC market.

“The GCC region is incredibly appealing to GScan because of its rapid development and a mindset that embraces innovative solutions. We see numerous challenges in the region that our products and services can address effectively,” GScan sales director Tõnu Mets points out.

He also highlights that the most crucial business direction regarding the GCC market is infrastructure scanning to assess its condition. “GScan uses specialized muon tomography scanners to see inside structures made of dense materials with large diameters, create 3D models of internal geometry using AI algorithms, and provide automatic object and material detection. Assessments based on this information enable asset owners to make more sustainable decisions,” says Mets.

This solution was tested and validated during the first pilot projects delivered in 2023 and is already available to clients on request. With the fast pace of construction activities happening in Saudi Arabia and the entire GCC region, including the construction of large cities and infrastructure, GScan considers its muFLUX Infra product the most potential growth driver for the coming years.

GScan sees strong potential in the Gulf region

GScan’s second business vertical provides muon tomography-based scanning solutions for border crossings, ports, and other security checkpoints. These solutions detect prohibited and dangerous goods in packages, vehicles, and containers, using a combination of natural radiation detectors and AI algorithms.

“The first devices for this business direction will be completed as part of pilot projects in Estonia in 2024-25 and will be commercially available starting from 2026,” says Mets. Given the active trade in the GCC region and the presence of high-intensity border crossings and ports, GScan sees strong potential for this business direction from 2026 onwards.

The GCC region is incredibly appealing to GScan because of its rapid development and a mindset that embraces innovative solutions. We see numerous challenges in the region that our products and services can address effectively.
Tõnu Mets, GScan sales director

Collaboration is central to GScan’s strategy in the GCC market. One of GScan’s key initiatives involves establishing a joint venture in Saudi Arabia to localize regional business development and final assembly of the devices, and to attract investments to meet the region’s growing demand for GScan’s solutions. Leveraging their established connections, including through the Estonian Embassy in UAE and Saudi Arabia company Shamal, GScan aims to market and deliver their services effectively in the Saudi market, laying the groundwork for future expansion.

“Collaboration is crucial for our success in the GCC market. Partnerships with local organizations such as Shamal are essential in achieving our vision and expanding our presence in the region,” says Tõnu Mets.

GScan plans to open a local unit in Saudi Arabia

As they prepare to showcase their innovations at the LEAP exhibition in Saudi Arabia, GScan is eager to capitalize on the event’s networking opportunities. Their goals include fostering existing relationships, forging new partnerships, and sharing insights into their latest technological advancements.

“Our goal for the first half of the year is to finalize the terms of our joint venture contract, establish a local unit, and assemble a team. Once we have reached an agreement, we will begin producing scanners at GScan’s Estonian development center intended to be used for servicing the Saudi region,” says Mets.

GScan aims to market and offer its innovative infrastructure scanning solution in Saudi Arabia. They plan to establish an on-site sales and project team to drive regional service scaling.

Securing investments is a challenge, given the current economic climate. Yet, GScan remains optimistic despite the challenges and is encouraged by the ongoing discussions with existing and potential new investors.

GScan maintains a strong partnership with Enterprise Estonia (EAS), leveraging and intending to continue utilizing EAS export advisors’ assistance and services in target countries of interest. “EAS experts have been instrumental in supporting our market entry missions in our focus regions – expanding our network of contacts and scaling up the activities with existing contacts,” adds Tõnu Mets.


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