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1oT starts to create eSIM solution for car manufacturers

The Internet of Things company 1oT announces a two-year and €1.1 million development initiative to create a comprehensive eSIM solution and connectivity management platform (CMP) for the mobility industry.

The platform will streamline eSIM implementation for car manufacturers and enable them to manage all their connectivity vendors and subscriptions through a single interface and API.

As part of the project, 1oT will add IoT eSIM to the 1oT eSIM Core product portfolio, which supports M2M and consumer eSIM. They will also expand their CMP, the 1oT Terminal, into a central orchestrator for connectivity management.

All connectivity partners and agreements in one interface

Connected vehicle technology is increasingly popular in modern car models. However, car manufacturers face unique problems in keeping their vehicles connected due to their long lifespan and wide geographical range.

1oT’s connectivity orchestration platform consolidates telecom partners and agreements into a single interface, so the customer no longer needs to use multiple platforms. The platform will simplify managing global and domestic connectivity throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle—from production to retirement.

Car manufacturers also get a set of APIs to integrate with their backend and monitor data usage, network performance, and device health to detect potential issues and prevent connectivity disruptions.

Reliable cellular connectivity is crucial

One of the reasons why car manufacturers struggle to make connectivity profitable is technological know-how. Developing a connectivity service that is suitable and compatible with future technologies requires specialized skills that car manufacturers often lack.

1oT will save automakers years of developing and implementing a complex connectivity service. They will provide all the necessary tools to onboard connectivity providers and customers, monitor data usage, network performance, and device health, and identify and prevent connectivity disruptions.

1oT’s cellular connectivity is paramount for the success of connected cars, facilitating crucial functions such as telematics, infotainment, safety features, and over-the-air software updates.

1oT is solveing complex challenges

1oT differs from other RSP providers in that they don’t manufacture the cards and don’t impose their operating system or eUICC. Car manufacturers are able to onboard their own eUICC manufacturers and SIM cards.

After building a modern connectivity management platform, three eSIM infrastructures, and completing tens of integrations with telecoms, 1oT is confident that building a system that integrates through and through will have a compounding advantage for enterprises.

The end result will be a modular structure that accommodates massive scale yet can be white-labelled for the automotive industry’s specific needs.


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Need more information?

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