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Estonia fuels EdTech growth on the global stage

Estonia leads global education, ranking first in Europe and among the top worldwide. Its world-class EdTech solutions have been successfully implemented in over 50 countries, shaping the global education landscape. To further support the sector´s global expansion, companies and public organisations have developed tailored marketing messages for everyone to use.

“Estonians are experts at identifying and solving educational challenges through digital innovation,“ stated Kadri Gröön, International Marketing and Communication Manager of Enterprise Estonia’s export department who was team lead for creating the marketing messages. She highlighted that 98% of Estonian schools use digital solutions to tackle real-world challenges such as unequal access, outdated curriculum, teacher shortage, and the need for personalised learning.

As these challenges are common worldwide, Estonian EdTech startups address these educational problems globally. Today, Estonia’s EdTech solutions are used in over fifty countries worldwide, with a strong presence in the UK (ALPAKids), the USA (99math), and Ukraine (Edumus). However, end-users can be found in most countries in the world.

EdTech sector marketing messages package:

Fact sheet
Success stories
Source: Enterprise Estonia

Estonian EdTech companies provide digital solutions for schools, educational games, summer courses, mentoring programs, and study visits. They offer systems for managing educational information, as well as learning content and services to support education. For instance, DreamApply‘s admissions software is used by 300 universities in over 40 countries, while eKindergarten Eliis is employed by 700 educational institutions across Europe. The sector´s products include Triumf Health, a personalised evidence-based mental health game for children, SpeakTX, a speech therapy platform, and Opiq, a cloud-based learning environment with over 430 curriculum-aligned textbooks digitalised.

Messages support global expansion

Estonian EdTech solutions are thoroughly tested and are proving their usefulness day in and day out. Estonian students have first place in PISA ranking globally for digital learning and adopting the growth mindset, while teachers lead in academic expertise and flexibility.

Estonia is an education nation while also being a digital nation,” added Gröön. “To assist Estonian companies in reaching a wider range of users, we have been developing marketing messages for the EdTech sector and for all professionals representing the Estonian EdTech sector outside of Estonia.”

“To get the best result, we have collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EdTech Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research, and Estonian EdTech companies in the sector to create these messages together,” said Gröön.

In addition to the Estonian EdTech sector, seven other sectors will receive sector-specific marketing messages throughout 2024. The sectors are ICT, wood, food and beverages, maritime, defence, health tech, and clean tech.

The EdTech sector-specific marketing messages include a fact sheet and a presentation with detailed notes to help to tell the story, photo and video materials, and success stories fromEstonian companies, selected by the sector representatives.

“Whether you are creating a presentation about the Estonian EdTech sector, aiming to expand into a new export market with your company, pitching to an investor, or delivering a speech at a conference, these photo and video materials, core facts, and key messages can be valuable for you. These are free to use for everyone,” explained Kadri Gröön.


  • 20+ years of experience building digital educational solutions.
  • 98% of Estonian schools incorporate digital solutions into daily operations.
  • Deep collaboration with policymakers, universities, and end-users, emphasizing evidence-based decision-making.
  • Strong focus on safety, incorporating GDPR compliance, and ensuring data security in all solutions.
  • Courage to proactively integrate and utilise emerging technologies, including AI, to enhance educational experiences.
  • Legal framework to implement innovative technologies.
  • A complete education package for every stage of life.
  • 50+ countries have adopted Estonia´s EdTech solutions.
  • Estonia´s EdTech solutions end-users live all over the world.

The PISA 2022 educational survey, published in December 2023, reveals that Estonian 15-year-olds continue to excel in education:
Estonian students´ ranking in Europe and a global spot in digital learning and adopting the growth mindset
Estonian students´ ranking in science
Estonian students´ ranking in reading with Ireland
Estonian students´ ranking in mathematics with Switzerland

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