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Estonia will begin to explore the potential for producing sustainable aviation fuels

Estonia and Latvia will research the production of sustainable aviation fuels, offering guidance for investors and valuable support for countries. Photo: Pixabay

Estonia, together with Latvia, will start investigating the possibilities of producing sustainable, environmentally friendly aviation fuels in the Baltic Sea region.

“The aviation sector plays a crucial role in reducing air pollution, which is why we need to explore and implement sustainable alternatives to the fossil fuels widely used in aviation. Sustainable aviation fuels have the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation sector and support efforts to mitigate climate change,” noted Sander Salmu, Deputy Secretary General for Mobility at the Estonian Ministry of Climate.

The study results can guide investors and provide valuable support to countries in making informed decisions regarding the development of the aviation sector. The broader goal is to reduce aviation CO2 emissions, thereby minimising the environmental impact.

Sustainable aviation fuels are less environmentally harmful than traditional fossil fuels. These fuels can include biofuels or hydrogen-based fuels and other innovative fuel types that have not yet been developed in Estonia.

For the study, the European Commission has allocated €200,000 to each country.

The investigation into sustainable aviation fuel production options will begin in the second half of 2024.

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