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Estonian insurtech pioneer Cachet expands to Finland

Founders of Cachet Hedi Mardisoo and Kalle Palling. Photo: Cachet

Estonian insurtech Cachet expanded to Finland with e-scooter operators Bird, Bolt, TIER-Dott, Hopp Åland, JoeScooter, Ryde, Swup, and Voi as customers. Their fleets now have traffic insurance, as required by a new law. For the Finnish launch, Cachet extended its alliance with Wakam, a leader in digital and embedded insurance. 

Rideshare platforms have transformed urban life. But smart, fair and flexible insurance products for these customers are still rare. As most e-scooters must now be insured in Finland, Cachet launched its fleet-insurance offering there.

This cements Cachet’s position at the forefront of smart insurance solutions for micromobility and the platform economy in Northern and Central Europe.

Cachet partners with Wakam

Cachet built its Finnish e-scooter traffic insurance offering with Wakam, an innovative French insurance company with a footprint in 32 countries. Earlier this year, the two companies launched traffic insurance for scooter fleets in Sweden.

“It’s proof that we’ve built something great that clicks with the market in terms of product, timing, and value.”
Kalle Palling, Cachet cofounder and COO

“Emerging risks deserve proper insurance attention,” said Cachet cofounder and CEO Hedi Mardisoo. “Wakam has long worked with insurtech firms to define digital embedded insurance across Europe. Cachet has deep expertise in creating smart, flexible, data-driven insurance products in new segments that some still overlook. Together, we can add real value here.”

Most e-scooter platforms in Finland have joined

As the riding season is well under way, it was critical to make traffic insurance available to as many shared e-scooters as possible. Cachet’s expertise in micromobility and sharing platforms attracted eight e-scooter operators: Bird, Bolt, TIER-Dott, Hopp Åland, JoeScooter, Ryde, Swup, and Voi.

“Coming on the heels of our Swedish launch in December, signing up eight scooter platforms in Finland makes a huge impact,” said Cachet cofounder and COO Kalle Palling. “We’re grateful for their trust and enthusiasm. It’s proof that we’ve built something great that clicks with the market in terms of product, timing, and value.”

Cachet’s technology eases the handling of claims; cutting time and cost while refining the end-user experience when something happens. Its data and analytics engines help fleet managers to detect mobility and accident patterns that can help lower the likelihood of accidents in the first place.


  • Cachet is an Estonian insurtech company that designs better insurance for people and companies in the European platform economy.
  • Founded in 2018 by Hedi Mardisoo and Kalle Palling, the company operates in Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, and Poland, with further expansion ahead.
  • With a focus on micromobility users and fleets, it creates personalised, data-driven insurance products.
  • This provides vastly-improved insurance cover to platform workers, rideshare drivers, couriers, bike and scooter fleets, and anyone else on wheels.

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