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Estonian-made JALG TV stand has won the prestigious Red Dot product design award

Designers Argo Männiste and Veiko Kalla. Photo: Jalg

JALG, a minimalist TV stand created by Estonian designers Argo Männiste and Veiko Kallas, has won the Red Dot Award product design prize at the international design competition. The award recognises outstanding industrial design and highlights the design teams behind the concept.

According to JALG co-author and company manager Veiko Kallas, the award is a recognition of Estonian industrial design and the centuries-old woodworking tradition. “Our goal was to create a minimalist design object that people would want in their living spaces. Beautiful design maintains the harmony of a room and creates a calm energy — this is what we need in our living environment these days.”

Kallas added that the Red Dot Award, the most famous mark of quality in the design world, recognises the company’s domestic production: “Although we export 99.9% of our products, 100% of our production is based in Estonia.” Today, JALG products are used in more than 25,000 homes in 40 countries. The company’s main markets are Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, the UK, the US, and France.

The JALG TV stand, designed in Estonia. Photo: Jalg

According to the author of the original idea, Argo Männiste, the TV stand was inspired by the middle of the last century: “At that time, the television was successfully adapted as part of the furniture that fits into the interior. The TV was not a separate technical and alienating object that would spoil the tastefully designed room but a part of the room. The goal of our concept was to bring two eras together in the most aesthetic and smart engineering form possible, which in its minimalism would fit into a modern interior.”

The design of the TV stand was adapted to the market standard, so most modern TVs are compatible with JALG products.

All JALG TV stands are handmade in Estonia. The materials used are wood (oak, walnut, and birch), steel, and acrylic.

“Although we export 99.9% of our products, 100% of our production is based in Estonia.”
Veiko Kallas, JALG co-author and company manager

The Red Dot is the world’s most prestigious design award, founded in 1955 by Design Zentrum Nordhein-Westfalen in Germany. Today, it has become a globally recognised mark of quality. The Red Dot Award honours the best products in fashion, consumer electronics, vehicles, medical technology, and furniture.

The JALG brand was founded in 2016 by designers, friends, and business partners Argo Männiste and Veiko Kallas. The award-winning JALG brand is presented at the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary design at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. The winning works will be on display in the museum from June 24, and on the same day all of them will also be presented at the online Red Dot exhibition.

Jalg exports 99.9% of its products. The company’s main markets are Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, the UK, the US, and France. Photo: Jalg

Previously, the Red Dot award in Estonia has been received by Mihkel Güsson (Huum electric heater and sauna control panel, 2021), Mihkel Masso and Rait Arro (Sheetsplint modular splint, 2021), Johannes Maltis (Sortaider Container sorting solution, 2021), Margot Vaaderpass (hanger series WOH, 2020), Mihkel Masso and Karl Saluveer (self-adhesive wall material Groveneer, 2019), Arkadi Berman (Eumar sanitaryware, 2019), Karl Annus (Glens reading glasses, 2017), Alfred Vassilkov (Estelon speakers, 2017), Mihkel Masso (Huum electric heater, 2015), Kaidi Ploomipuu (Narma newWeave carpet, 2011), Julia Maria Künnap (Mari dining chair, 2010), Hannes Unt (Kaerajaan restaurant, 2008), Martin Pärn (Martela folding table, 1998).

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