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Estonian water won the most prestigious competition in the world

Haage won four awards at the FineWaters competition among 110 water brands from 37 countries. These awards will open new doors in export markets, said Haage´s sales director, Matis Allikmaa. Photo: Haage Joogid

Estonian water made history: South Estonian water producer Haage achieved a significant milestone by winning the most awards at the FineWaters competition. The company was recognised with gold and silver medals in the blind taste category and two silver medals in the design awards category.

The competition, held in San Sebastian, Spain, is considered to be the most prestigious event in the field of water production. It attracts the world’s best-quality water producers. Their products are evaluated in a blind test by a panel of international top water sommeliers. This year’s evaluation included 110 water brands from 37 countries, totalling over a thousand products.

Haage received the highest recognition in a prestigious competition, winning four medals for both the drink’s taste and the packaging design. Haage won a gold medal in the category of carbonated water with medium minerality, while its sister brand Haanja won a silver medal in the category of carbonated water with high minerality. Additionally, Haage and Haanja both received silver medals for the design of their plastic packaging.

Awards are opening new doors

“These recognitions open new doors for Haage and Estonia in foreign markets. While many may be familiar with wine competitions, FineWaters is a prestigious competition in the world of water,” explained its importance sales director Matis Allikmaa, who represented Haage at the event.

Haage Joogid has made investments in production and is actively focused on developing new products and exploring exclusive export markets. The company has collaborated with experts and scientists in product development to create unique drinks based on natural mineral water, which have the potential to succeed in the global market. The water is of premium quality and is extracted from earth layers that are 500 million years old, bottled under extremely strict conditions without any additives, making it completely natural.

Haage Joogid is a company that produces and distributes natural mineral water and healthy non-alcoholic beverages made from it. The company has two production units located in Tartu and Võru County. These units have certified natural mineral water wells named Haage (210 meters) and Haanja (542 meters). Haage Joogid is a part of the Estonian group Silikaat Grupp.

Moreover, Haage Joogid was previously awarded the Superior Taste Award, a prestigious food and beverage competition judged by top chefs and sommeliers worldwide.


  • Top restaurants carefully consider their menu options, including their drinks’ taste, smell, clarity, and brightness. They evaluate the origin of the products and pay attention to packaging and ease of handling.
  • Additionally, they carefully consider how the water they offer pairs with the food they serve. Water with a higher mineral content is particularly beneficial after physical exertion or to compensate for fluid loss, and it is also an excellent complement to many meals.
  • When pairing food and water, it’s suggested that lighter food be paired with softer and more delicate water, while heavier and tastier food should be paired with stronger-tasting water.
  • Sparkling water is more acidic than still water due to the carbon dioxide turning into carbonic acid in the mouth. This can affect the food’s perceived acidity, so choosing a more delicate sparkling water is recommended. The carbon dioxide should be noticeable but not too strong, as excess CO2 can have an aggressive effect and change the taste of food and other drinks.

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