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Helmes partners with Norway’s leading product development firm

Estonian IT company Helmes has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Inventas, Norway’s largest agency in product development and industrial design. The partnership focuses on developing smart products in an environmentally responsible way, combining Inventas’ expertise in product development and Helmes’ experience in digitalisation. 

Inventas specialises in the creation of industrial products, from idea validation and design to manufacturing. Helmes adds digital features to the product, such as data collection, reports, and integrations.

The collaboration has already resulted in a smart medical device that provides an early treatment in time-critical situations. The product is expected to launch during 2024. Ultimately, the goal is to save lives and reduce risk of irreversible injury.

“This smart medical device is an innovative service that could be launched in Estonia one day, too. The prerequisite for such advancement undoubtedly exists, relying on a digitised medical sector and requiring a high level of digitalisation within the ambulance service – which is an area where Estonia is very well positioned in,” said Deniss Ojastu, Member of the Management Board and Partner at Helmes.

The partnership is paving the way: Helmes and Inventas are in talks with several other innovative companies in Estonia to offer joint services in cooperation. “The potential to bring the top Scandinavian product development and design practices to Estonian product development is big. Naturally, this cooperation also helps Helmes to reach a larger client base in Norway, which greatly supports the export of Estonian local ICT competences,” added Ojastu.

“Naturally, this cooperation also helps Helmes to reach a larger client base in Norway, which greatly supports the export of Estonian local ICT competences.”
Deniss Ojastu, Member of the Management Board and Partner at Helmes

Helmes has a long history of cooperation with Norwegian companies. “We share a similar work culture and values. In regards to Inventas, we were attracted to their exciting projects, top-level professionalism in industrial product design, and their commitment to sustainability,” noted Ojastu.

Inventas aims to create smart products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. “Part of Helmes’ mission is to develop sustainable software. The ICT footprint, which often seems invisible compared to for example – aviation or road transport, is at least as large, if not already larger. We are pleased to see that many companies, including Inventas, are aware that the digital part of the product development must also be taken into consideration within the sustainability strategy. In addition to the smart pharmacy, we have several other products in the pipeline,” said Ojastu.

As the physical and digital worlds continue to intertwine, product development is increasingly complex and requires deep skills in a wide range of topics. “By partnering with Helmes, we are enhancing our ability to tackle these complex challenges, deliver even more value to our customers, and furthermore – do it with integrated focus on sustainability. I am really excited to explore these opportunities together with our Estonian friends”, said Kjetil T. Brun, Chief Strategy Officer at Inventas.


  • Helmes is an experienced international digital innovation company, headquartered in Estonia.
  • Helmes employs 1400+ software experts and has offices and development centers in six countries:
  • The company builds business-critical software solutions for more than 500 organizations worldwide. Its customers include many multinational companies and organizations, such as Telia, the OECD, Kuehne-Nagel, Airbus, European Space Agency etc.
  • Ca 30% of e-Estonia, the most digital state in the world, is created by Helmes.

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