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Sweden adopted the Tartu IT company’s ticket system

Turnit and Samtrafiken have recently announced the successful launch of the Swedish National Distribution System. In the picture Gerhard Wennerström, CEO of Samtrafiken and Ülo Säre, CEO of Turnit. 

Estonian IT company Turnit, a global leader in travel technology, and Samtrafiken, an organization responsible for connecting public transport authorities as well as public and private transport operators in Sweden, announced the successful launch of the Swedish National Distribution System (NDS), a digital infrastructure service based on the OSDM-online standard. 

The NDS has been established to modernize the Swedish mass transit market. It streamlines ticket sales and enhances cross-selling opportunities for operators, enabling them to offer additional services to passengers. The NDS ensures swift and efficient responses to requests from various external mobility services operators and distribution partners, making the entire booking process seamless and convenient for passengers.

The technological backbone of the new system is Turnit Hub, which enables cross-selling of operators tickets without any obstacles. It will distribute the products of more than 50 different operators on the Swedish market, including SJ (Swedish national railways), Vy Group (Norwegian state railways), Arlanda Express, SL (Stockholm PTA), Västtrafik (Göteborg PTA), Skanetrafiken, Mälardalstrafiken, Inlandsbanan, and MTRX.

In the upcoming months, these operators will either upgrade their current sales systems or implement new ones to comply with OSDM-online in order to join the NDS. Vy Tag is one such operator, who is replacing its current sales system with the OSDM-native Turnit Ride platform, which will also enable its participation in the NDS.

“We embarked on a challenging project with Samtrafiken two years ago, knowing that it would require significant effort and come with inherent risks,” shared Turnit CEO, Ülo Säre.

“With numerous operators simultaneously implementing new systems, the new OSDM-online standard being finalized during the project, and a tight timeline, we knew that there were many unknowns that could have potentially derailed our progress. However, through close collaboration with our partners in the OSDM working group, outstanding leadership from Samtrafiken and remaining agile in our development plan as needed, we were able to successfully navigate the project’s complexities and achieve the objectives agreed with Samtrafiken,” said Säre.

”We are happy to have Turnit as partner in this project. They are committed to OSDM-online, an important standard for the mobility future in Sweden and Europe”, said Gerhard Wennerström, CEO of Samtrafiken.

The NDS will be processing tickets of approximately 50 rail and bus operators in Sweden, including the country’s 21 independent regional Public Transport Authorities. This is a mission critical service in enabling growth in the sector in Sweden and will process over 2 billion SEK in ticket sales annually.

Turnit Ride is used by over 50 global mobility and public transport leaders

  • Turnit is a leading travel tech company providing mission-critical distribution and reservation software technology and consultancy to the passenger transport industry.
  • Their end-to-end SaaS platform for managing routes, inventory, pricing, reservations, and distribution, delivered as full service, is carefully tailored with the rail and bus industry in mind.
  • Turnit Ride processes over 40 million passenger segments annually, and it’s used by over 50 global mobility and public transport leaders such as TfNSW, Samtrafiken, Vy Group, Bus Éireann, CTM, and LTG Link.


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Need more information?

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