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Well-known Estonian IT brands join forces

Two Estonian companies, Wisercat and Krabu, joined forces. Board members of both companies, Anatoli Derõšev (left) and Kirill Krabu present the new brand Krabu Wisercat. Photo: Krabu Wisercat

IT brands Wisercat and Krabu, operating in Estonian and international markets, will join forces to accelerate growth and provide a new level of high-quality services to customers. The joint venture Krabu Wisercat will offer its expertise in creating complex technological IT solutions both on the domestic and foreign markets.

The merger will create a company with strong IT competences on the Estonian market, which can perform any tasks in its field – from the creation of e-government solutions to the implementation of complex algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Krabu Wisercat will be providing its competence in creating complex information technology solutions to the Estonian public sector with the immediate possibility to export these solutions.

“After effectively presenting itself on the international market, Wisercat Software turned its attention to the domestic market in 2016 – we decided to use our acquired competencies to develop digital solutions in Estonia,” said Anatoli Derõšev, board member at Wisercat Software.

“Our cooperation started from the first days of being on the market, and we currently continue to jointly participate in public procurements developing the e-government. The new company will gradually take over these tasks while developing projects abroad – together we have started a project in Kenya and are now in talks with our British partners. This is one of the examples of how 1+1 is significantly greater than 2,” added Anatoli Derõšev.

The two companies operate in various markets abroad, and the joining of forces will accelerate the growth of their service exports. Krabu Grupp creates e-government solutions for Ukraine and develops several projects in Africa, while Wisercat Software provides services mainly to large European and American corporations, financial institutions and the public sector.

“As technology is nowadays advancing at a tremendous speed, the merging of competencies will allow us to offer innovative future-oriented solutions on the Estonian market, including the active use of artificial intelligence. Working together, we can continue the success story of e-Estonia, as well as offer unique solutions and expert advice to the private sector,” said Kirill Krabu, Chairman of the Board of Krabu Grupp.

The cooperation between the IT companies Wisercat and Krabu began more than 10 years ago with their joint participation in Estonian public procurement projects. At the moment, the companies provide high-quality services in the development of IT solutions both within the framework of procurement and for private customers. Krabu Grupp and Wisercat Software will continue to exist as separate companies, while the joint venture will primarily focus on complex and large projects where mutual support enables to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • Wisercat Software, founded in 2009, is one of Europe’s leading IT service providers.Wisercat Software is a proven digital transformation company that helps organizations implement and grow through technology.
  • Krabu Grupp, founded in 2012, creates turnkey solutions and various digitalization service packages for organizations of various levels of IT maturity. The company is currently implementing digital transformation projects for businesses and public sector organizations in Estonia, Ukraine, Finland and Tanzania.

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