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Climate tech company eAgronom starts to concure the Swedish market

eAgronom, the agriculture-focused climate tech company helping farmers adopt sustainable practices for the health of their farms and the planet, announces its expansion into the Swedish market.

Stockholm-based alternative lending firm Gardskapital will partner with eAgronom to support the widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture practices for Swedish farmers across 20,000 hectares of arable land in 2024.

With the addition of Sweden, which is notably the largest agricultural market within Scandinavia, eAgronom now works with farmers in 10 countries throughout Europe. eAgronom’s emphasis on meaningful collaboration and outreach is at the heart of this expansion, which will necessarily include field trials and scientific demonstrations for farmers with little to no prior experience of sustainable farming practices.

eAgronom is going to make every effort to be an excellent partner to local farmers and food value chain stakeholders at each stage of the soil restoration journey,” said Robin Saluoks, co-founder and CEO of eAgronom.

eAgronom is an agriculture-focused climate tech company dedicated to helping farmers adopt sustainable practices for the good of their farms and the entire planet. In the photo, eAgronom´s leadership, second from the right is Robin Saluoks, co-founder and CEO of eAgronom.

Beyond straightforward field trials, Sweden will be among the first markets where eAgronom will initiate agroforestry trials. Although it is a difficult practice to scale within farming, agroforestry is nevertheless indispensable to global efforts to make food production totally carbon neutral. In conducting these trials, eAgronom will hone agroforestry practices through trial and error to discover properly scalable solutions.

“Farmers play an indispensable role both as producers of food and energy and as stewards of the soil. The transition to more climate-friendly methods has enormous benefits from a risk-management perspective and can help farmers reduce input costs. Combined with carbon credit sales via eAgronom, we’ll support farmers in improving both their soil health and financial performance,” said Matthias Karthäuser, Founder & CEO at Gardskapital.

eAgronom´s larger mission is to achieve net-zero agriculture. Plans are currently underway to expand throughout Scandinavia following extensive trials in Sweden.


  • eAgronom was founded in Estonia in 2016 by the son of farmer and entrepreneur Robin Saluoks, computer scientist Stenver Jerkku and business veteran Kristjan Luha.
  • eAgronom’s vision is to make climate change the world economy’s number one business priority.
  • Acting as both a knowledge hub and a partner in modernising farms, eAgronom works closely with farmers to implement sustainable practices in a financially viable way.
  • The company has more than 2,500 customers covering over 1,500,000 hectares of farmland in Europe.
  • eAgronom´s investors are ZGI Capital, Specialist VC, Trind Ventures, Iron Wolf Capital, TMT Investments, Black Pearls VC, Icos Capital, Soulmates Ventures, SmartCap Green Fund.


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Need more information?

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