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Estonian CleanTech companies setting global sustainability standards

Skeleton Technologies developed a revolutionary material named Curved Graphene to produce supercapacitors and super batteries. On the picture Taavi Madiberk, co-founder and CEO of the company. Photo: Jake Farra

Estonian companies possess the knowledge and skills needed to drive global CleanTech growth. Biotechnology, circular economy, and zero-waste initiatives are just a few areas where the Estonian CleanTech sector is providing solutions to growing needs. The technologies and solutions from the companies Fibenol, Skeleton Technologies, and Roofit.Solar are good examples.

Thanks to Estonia’s unique agility, the country´s CleanTech solutions reach the market faster and scale globally. CleanTech companies offer comprehensive solutions, including hardware, software, services, and processes that positively impact the environment and climate.

Estonia is home to several science-based CleanTech leaders in renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and bioengineering. Here are three of them:

Roofit.Solar is accelerating renewable energy transition with innovative nordic design

Roofit.Solar, an Estonian company, pioneers integrated solar solutions for building roofing and facades. The spark of inspiration arose from a personal need. Frustrated by the lack of suitable solar panels for roofing, the founders Andri Jagomägi, Andres Anijalg and Raimond Russak, equipped with a technical background, set forth to develop a groundbreaking solution.

Their strategic investment in software enables now efficient planning and selling of solar roofing installations. The company´s technology seamlessly blends solar energy generation with architectural aesthetics through their innovative panels. Beyond product development, they tackled the challenge of market adoption head-on.

„Roofit.Solar demonstrates how Estonian innovation can meet global energy needs. Our solar roofing solutions offer a perfect blend of efficiency and design, proving that sustainability can be both practical and visually appealing, which is especially important in the upcoming rooftop solar obligation in the EU and other countries,“ said Andres Anijalg, CEO of Roofit.Solar.

Roofit.Solar’s first-of-its-kind product captured customers worldwide. With installations on historic landmarks like the National Library of Estonia and the University of Tartu, Roofit.Solar demonstrated the adaptability of its solution across diverse architectural buildings. Their product, NuClick, has won the iF DESIGN AWARD and the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award. Also, they have been recognised globally as one of the top three energy and climate tech startups at the SET Energy Festival in 2019 and 2023.

in 2016 by Andri Jagomägi, Andres Anijalg and Raimond Russak.
Sector: CleanTech, energy
Total investment raised: €17 million
Employees: 45
Location: HQ and Production in Estonia
Main export markets: Germany, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Canada

Skeleton Technologies leads an energy storage revolution

Skeleton Technologies is a European energy storage pioneer from Estonia that produces supercapacitors and high-power batteries.

Skeleton Technologies developed a revolutionary material named Curved Graphene. This material is the basis of supercapacitors and super batteries, offering unparalleled power density and fast charging capability that sets the company apart from competitors.

The innovations target diverse applications and sectors such as heavy-duty vehicles, data centres, grid, rail, and renewables while overcoming dependence on fossil fuels in hard-to-decarbonize sectors such as marine and mining.

“The challenge of decarbonisation is immense, but not impossible – providing collaboration and innovation go hand in hand at all times. Skeleton’s technology, providing ultrafast charging at ~< 90 seconds, means the solution can help mining companies reduce emissions without compromising on efficiency,” said Grischa Sauerberg, ex-Vice President of Shell, who in 2024 joined Skeleton as CCO.

#1 in the number of startups per capita and entrepreneurial activity in Europe
10x have grown the number of cleantech companies since 2016
5 accelerators developing hardware and software
1/3 of the way to producing as much renewable energy as Estonia consumes annually by 2030 and beyond

Skeletons products also help to reduce the European Union’s dependence on the scarcest non-EU raw materials and contribute to the energy transition. A circular approach in the design of products and manufacturing, not using or limiting the usage of lithium and not using any other critical raw material or toxic metals, will ensure sustainability, transforming the industry for a net-zero future.

For their Curved Graphene invention, Skeleton’s scientists were recognised by the European Patent Office with the European Inventor of the Year Award in 2022. The company has been included in the Global Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame. Strategic partnerships with Siemens and Marubeni secure the company’s leadership in CleanTech, facilitating investment, collaboration, market expansion, and manufacturing scaleup. Together with their partners, Skeleton is driving the global deployment of innovative energy storage solutions.


Founded: 2009 in Estonia by Dr Jaan Leis, Dr Anti Perkson, Taavi Madiberk, and Oliver Ahlberg
Sector: CleanTech, energy storage
Total investment raised: €330 million
Employees: 350+
Location: HQ’d in Estonia. Manufacturing in Saxony, Germany, R&D in Estonia, Germany, Finland, and France.
Main export markets: Europe, North America, East Asia
Customer base: Siemens, Hitachi Energy, Honda PD, Skoda Electric, CAF, Martinrea

Fibenol´s innovative biomaterials substituting fossil-based chemicals

Fibenol, an Estonian company, plays a key role in the transition of the chemical and material industry towards sustainable production. Fibenol emerged from the Graanul Invest Group, Europe’s largest pellet producer. The founders identified a critical gap: while pellet production flourished, a huge portion of forestry by-products remained unused or were exported without giving added value. Fibenol set out to use these resources through cutting-edge technology.

Their bioproducts (EPD covered, TÜV Austria certified) are created for the material and chemical industry, reducing reliance on fossil-based materials and promoting low-carbon production. Fibenol’s technology transforms wood biomass into versatile products using mechanical force, temperature, pressure, and minimal chemicals, which are also used in the food industry. The company is converting wood residues and lower-quality hardwood into a new generation of sugars and high-purity lignin Lignova.

Fibenol surpasses industry standards by valorising 90% of wood biomass in its demo plant, which operates on 100% renewable energy and reuses up to 90% of the process water. The remaining 10% of biomass is used as input in CHP plants for energy production.

„At Fibenol, we are pioneering the shift towards sustainable value chains in the chemical and material industry. Through the adoption of low ecological footprint biomaterials, we provide a pathway for companies to break free from traditional fossil-based chemicals and aligning them with the forthcoming net-zero mandates,“ said Peep Pitk, Chief Development Officer at Fibenol.

Fibenol’s patented technology, Sunburst, can be sold soon on a license base to other partners interested in giving a higher value for hardwood. The modular technology enables the creation of a manufacturing facility according to market needs and location specifics.

Fibenol has won the Baltic Sustainability Awards as the Best Enterprise 2022 and from the World Bioeconomy Forum for having the best bioproduct in 2023. Next, Fibenol plans to establish an industrial-scale biorefinery by 2030 in the Baltics. Fibenol has received the most EU science-based funding (ca 20 mil €) in Estonia.


Founded: 2018 by Raul Kirjanen, Anders Anderson, Andres Rätsepp
Sector: CleanTech, biotechnology
Total investment raised: ca 100 million €
Employees: 55
Location: HQ in Tallinn, production in Imavere, Estonia
Main export markets: Baltics, Scandinavia & Finland

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