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Michelin-green-starred chef Peeter Pihel elevates sustainable Estonian cuisine at Gulfood 2024 masterclasses

Michelin-Green-Starred Chef Peeter Pihel will be introducing a culinary revolution that is setting the stage for the future of food. 

Taste Estonia is set to captivate the culinary world at Gulfood 2024, showcasing the art of sustainable cooking with Estonia’s very own Green Michelin Star chef Peeter Pihel. In a series of anticipated Top Table masterclasses, Chef Pihel will demonstrate the transformative power of the humble carrot, bringing to life the rich tradition of Estonian cuisine through innovative techniques such as cooking, curing, and fermenting.

Through Chef Peeter Pihel’s masterclasses on February 21st and 23rd and the diverse offerings of Estonian restaurants and producers, visitors will leave with a renewed appreciation for sustainable, innovative cuisine possibilities.

Exceptional food respects the environment
Chef Peeter Pihel’s culinary journey is marked by exploration, sustainability, and a deep respect for nature. Having honed his skills in some of Europe’s most prestigious kitchens, Pihel earned a Green Michelin Star in 2022 for his environmentally conscious approach to cuisine.

His philosophy centres on the belief that exceptional food starts with respect for the environment, an ethos he passionately shares through his dishes. At Gulfood 2024, Pihel will showcase his skills and inspire attendees with his commitment to culinary innovation and environmental stewardship.

Gulfood 2024 attendees are invited to experience the Taste Estonia stand, where the fusion of tradition and innovation creates a dining experience unlike any other, represented by 18 Estonian companies at the forefront of sustainable food production.

Estonia is pioneering green culinary practices
Estonia’s participation in Gulfood reflects its commitment to sustainable and innovative culinary practices. Estonian chefs and food producers are at the forefront of integrating sustainable methods with culinary innovation, resulting in a food culture that is both environmentally responsible and gastronomically advanced.

From utilising locally sourced ingredients to adopting zero-waste practices, Estonia is pioneering a movement that celebrates the earth’s bounty without compromising its future. Taste Estonia’s showcase at Gulfood 2024 is a testament to the country’s leadership in green culinary practices, offering a glimpse into the future of food rooted in tradition yet boldly innovative.

Taste Estonia‘s participation in Gulfood 2024, co-funded by the EU, marks a significant milestone in Estonia’s journey towards becoming a global leader in sustainable gastronomy.

Join Taste Estonia´s showcase at the Trade Centre Arena, S-G44, from February 19th to 23rd.


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ready to trade with estonia?

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